How to Upstage the Brightest Star

Lots of attention is given to fashion during award season.  Stylists fall all over themselves vying to dress the hottest stars and ingénues to get their name out there.  Not every woman needs the look that costs more than the average worker makes in a month to be chic in the media spotlight.  Whether you are dressing to get the part or to accept an award afterward, let Aldo provide the spark that will make any casting director take notice.

Shopping for stylish fashions from Aldo has its advantages when you use Groupon to save money on the deal.  You can apply Groupons from the comfort of your smart phone with just a tap on the app.  And these are real designer styles, not just knock offs made on the cheap.  You can count on quality from Aldo.  They’ve been dressing women and men for decades so they know a thing or two about what’s hot.  They stock some of the sexiest shoes on the planet including today’s must have looks – boots, wedges, high heels, sandals and flats.

And for Monsieur, Mr. B. by Aldo is all he’ll need to capture the spotlight.  From the top of his head to the tip of his toe, your man has the pick of the best designer duds when he shops Aldo.

The trend today is for stars to forego expensive couture and refuse to starve themselves into a size 1 or 2 in favor of a more natural and realistic look, and the public is eating it up.   So you might not have the ear of a hot designer like ChristianSiriano, but you can steal the show outfitted in Aldo.

Expect to save as much as 50% off selected merchandise when you shop the site and even more when you apply the money saving promo codes that unlock special deals.  Peep toe boots and ankle booties, animal print flats and tribal beads are everything  right now and Aldo can dress you for the part without draining your bank account.  Using Groupon couldn’t be easier.  You’ll wonder why you didn’t go to the site sooner.  But you know what they say – when you know better you do better, and you can’t do better than Aldo.

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